Welcome to the official site of Knights of the Forsaken.  Located on the Bladefist server, we are a family friendly, casual guild.  Take a few moments to browse around and see a little more of what we are about.  We're not all hard core gamers, however, we do enjoy the game, hanging out and having fun.  These are just some of the qualities that we look for in our new members.  No special skills necessary, just an enjoyment of friend, fun and World of Warcraft.  We have finally put together a core raid team and will be raiding on a more regular weekly basis, both old and new content.

So, if you're new to the game and a level 1, you'll find something to do in Knights of the Forsaken and if you're a level 100 or above, come with us as we continue to explore and conquer Legion.  Search us in game and request an invite, simple as that!

Updated 2-August-2016
by: Achillean

Please make sure to claim your characters from the "Guild Roster" page and look at your profile settings as Guild Launch offers a free signature.  You need only input the information you want to appear and upload a picture.  This will make it easier for us to know who's posting what and how to respond if necessary.  **Please note, that if your toons are assigned to someone else (probably Achillean) it must be a default of sorts, just claim your toons and vwalla...all set!

Thanks for signing up on the site!

~Dark Lady Braeanna